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Lakmart Furniture

Leo 2 x 2

* Versatile Storage Cupboard and Use for "Bedside Cupboard", "Storage Cupboard" or a "Kitchen Trolley" (Colors Available)
Lakmart Furniture

Leo Sofa

* Available in a range of Fabric Selections
Lakmart Furniture

Shades Table

* Work Station for Home Office (Can be doubled-down as a Dressing Table)
Lakmart Furniture

Trio Drawer Set (White)

* Use for Dressing Table, Bed Side Cupboard or a Side Stand (Available in a Variety of Finishes)
Further option: Color
Lakmart Furniture

Vintage Drawer Set

* Ideal to store Clothes, Baby Items and Day to Day items (Available in a range of Colors and Finishes)
Further option: Color